Birth, Marriage, SAPS Clearance Certificates

South African Embassies around the world are experiencing severe delays in applying for Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates, letters of non-impediment and determination of citizen status letters.

The reasons for the delays are as follows:

  • The Embassy accepts the application and places the application in a courier bag
  • The bag is couriered to Pretoria DHA for processing. Most embassies only courier the bags once a month or when the bag reaches a certain weight to save costs. Applications could sit at the embassy for 1 day, 1 month or even longer.
  • The bag reaches the international processing centre in Pretoria. They sort the applications and distribute to the relevant departments
  • The applications are processed and the document is sent back to the international processing centre
  • The international processing centre sorts the documentation per Embassy. The documentation is placed in a courier bag to be sent back to the Embassy of submission. Again, this could take up to a month or more as the centre waits for the bags to be filled to a certain weight before sending to save costs. They do not send daily or individually.
  • The process can take any amount of time with some Embassies confirming turnaround times of 9 months or more

Our clients have had a number of bad experiences including applications being lost by the Embassy or DHA, documents not couriered back to the Embassy after confirmation that the document was successfully processed in Pretoria and no feedback at all. Clients have been told after months of follow-ups that they have to reapply.

We secure the process and reduce the turnaround time significantly.

We assist with the following applications:

  • Unabridged birth certificates
  • Unabridged marriage certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • South African police clearance certificates
  • Court Orders
  • Apostille of all of the above documents
  • Embassy authentications if required

Our Service and Process for applicants outside of South Africa is as follows:

  • You complete the forms we send you and courier the documents directly to us. International couriers take 3 – 5 days (applications submitted to the DHA must be made with the original documents, “wet ink” forms)
  • We submit the applications at the Pretoria Head office of the DHA for the quickest turnaround time. Expected time of processing is 4 – 5 weeks. (We go to Pretoria 4 times a week, so your application will be submitted within 1 working day of receipt)
  • We collect the document when the document is ready for collection
  • We apostille the document, l turn around time is 2 days
  • We courier the document back to you within 24 hours of the apostille being completed.
  • We courier anywhere in the world using DHL. Expected time for is 3 – 5 days (We will send you the tracking number so you can follow on their website)

Benefits for applicants inside South Africa:

  • You don’t queue to submit your application or collect
  • We offer a pick up and drop off service at your home or office in Johannesburg *
  • DHL Tracking Courier to anywhere in South Africa or Internationally if you are travelling**
  • Correct advice and documentation first time
  • Improved turnaround times while we follow up on your behalf
  • Stress and Hassle Free
  • You are dealing with registered professionals who have over 20 years’ experience
  • We are a law firm registered with the law society

*Please take note there is an additional charge for this service of R 250

**R 200 to courier anywhere in South Africa, R 650 to courier anywhere in the world

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on the full invoice amount if we cannot complete your instruction.

Easy Apostilles and Authentications of your documents

Professional advice from attorneys who understand the Law

Affordable rates to suit your needs

Consistent service since 2003

Dear Client,

South Africa under a Presidential ordered “lockdown”. South Africa is currently under level 3 lockdown.

We have the following updates on the services we offer during the lockdown period:

DIRCO – OPEN: The DIRCO offices are open to apostille, but with limited functionality. We have to book appointment for submissions and collections. When we receive your instruction we will advise on turnaround times.

SAPS Pretoria for police clearance certificates – OPEN

Notary – OPEN

Translations – OPEN

Courts – PARTIALLY OPENED: - with skeleton staff working on a rotational basis for authentications/apostilles.

SAQA – PARTIALLY OPENED: The physical office is closed, but staff are working. Documents can be submitted online or by courier.

VFS – PARTIALLY OPENED: – collections only. They have not advised when they will open for collections.

The Department of Home Affairs have advised, by published Directive, that foreign nationals will not be penalised on their visa conditions as long as the expiry of the visa is a result of the lockdown. All COVID affected visas are deemed to be valid the visa expired during lockdown. More information on the DHA website.

The Department of Home AffairsCivic Affairs – PARTIALLY OPENED only processing limited new applications like new birth/death certificates relating to the last few months & COVID. No existing reprints of documents, ID’s or passports.

SA EMBASSIES – Some are open, some closed; with no consistency or notice of opening/closing. The Embassies are acting autonomously. We advise that you contact your nearest Embassy should you need any Embassy services.

FOREIGN EMBASSIES IN SA – Majority are closed.

SENDING/RECEIVING DOCUMENTS – documents can only be sent to us by courier and we can only return documents by courier door to door (we use DHL). For new and upcoming applications we advise that you send the documents to us in the interim so when Departments open we can submit immediately. Currently we cannot meet face to face, but happy to discuss by telephone call, skype, whatsapp call or video conference.

Please feel free to call or email us with regards to the services and support we can provide for you during the lockdown period.

Please note that all of the above is subject to change without notice. We will post updates as and when we receive clarification.

Keep safe and Godspeed during these difficult times.